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good morning world...

...oh good grief, this again?

So a few weeks ago I got an e-mail regarding an old fic on that I wrote for a good three years and then had to abandon:

Hopefully you still check this email account. I was wondering if you would mind if I edited and continued your story "The Light of the Snow-Red Village". I really enjoyed the concept, and I'm sad that you never finished it. I will probably start posting edited chapters, but I would love to have your blessing. If you don't want me to continue, email me and I will take down whatever I have posted. I will probably post on FFN, and I will be sure to link to your original story.

The Roving Pen

I was in the middle of exams, so I didn't get around to responding, and then I ended up forgetting... I did check the site, and the author had made a profile the same day as they'd e-mailed me. So they had really intended to post.

Just this morning I got an alert from another user had reported the story as being plagiarized, and was letting me know.

The fic is here:

It's one thing to ask to continue a story that was abandoned. Even if the author says no, there's nothing wrong with it.

This person did not ask; they stated their intentions and told me to complain if I had a problem with it.

This is Not Okay, people 8| a sidenote, don't read the fic, lol. It's so bad now, seriously.

Another sidenote: I should consider myself lucky it actually took this long for someone to decide to copy my fics. A lot of authors don't get off so easily. Then again I don't check very often, so idk. D|

Also, hi, I'm alive, really. Hopefully a better, happier entry coming soon. ...or at least a meme.
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