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A Luceti Investigation

This entry is written in regards to the recent (and long-term) drama caused by the infamous "grudgeanon" associated with Luceti's rpanoncomm thread. If you have no association with Luceti or the Anon Comm, I ask that you quietly turn the other way and look elsewhere. Thank you.

Forgive the tl;dr, but this has been an issue for a long time, and it really ought to be addressed.

Two Things First

1) This is not being posted to the Anon Comm because I've made it a rule that our group of mods will never address anything on that community. It is a breeding ground for wank and pointless arguments, and official mod statements have no place there. Posting directly to the Luceti community or the mod account is also out of the question, however, since singling out a player is unfair. Thus, this is the alternative that seemed the most reasonable.

2) Because of the semi-public nature of this entry, I'm assuming it will be passed around via word of mouth. Therefore: plurk it. Replurk it. Post it on the Anon Comm if you feel it is necessary. Tell friends whom you think might care. My priority and my hope is that players of Luceti - in other words, the people who really matter - will be aware of this issue and consider it to be resolved. Everyone else? I really couldn't care less about.

The Circumstances

For those unaware of what's going on (and I envy you if you are): there is a certain someone on the RP Anon Comm who has taken it upon themselves to get Trippie, player of Sheik (from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), to drop from the game. This has been going on for more months than I can recall. The wanking behaviour ranges from seemingly harmless quips on the Anon Meme to posting passwords and hacking her accounts. It has grown more malicious over time.

The other day, this comment was posted:

Followed by an accusation of the comment being posted by Naomi, our Link player, and a screencap of the misfire:

Another RPer came forward, directly to me, with the following screencap later that night:

All of this has, understandably, caused a lot of fuss and accusations and unhappy feelings all around. With the cooperation of the muns involved, I hope that the following information will clear things up- both for this issue, and for issues in the future if such things happen again.

Photoshopping is Fun

So everyone knows that Photoshop is a fun program to dabble with. And if you know what you're doing, it's not that hard to shop just about anything. To experiment, I chose a random comment on the Anon Comm from the wanky thread in question and did my own bit of dabbling:

Oh dear, now Akai-mod is arguing on the Anon Comm!

The above image took five minutes, and I was multitasking while doing it. Photoshopping a comment is not difficult.

So How Can you Tell When It's A Shoop?

Since Photoshop is easy and witnesses are either anonymous or not necessarily trustworthy, it's pretty difficult to determine whether or not the comment really existed, right?

Wrong. Livejournal keeps a record of every comment you make when you're logged in to your account. It's right here, on the Manage Comments page.

Naomi graciously granted me access to her account - the account in question, ryttu3k - in order to check this record myself. With her permission, here are the results for your viewing pleasure:

This screencap was taken the night of the 8th, around 11 or 11:30 PM, EST. There is no comment posted anywhere in the Anon Comm, going back as far as 3 days.

"But Akai!" You might say. "The comment was deleted, so of course it's gone!"

Actually, no. I did an experiment on my own account, truthget, to see for myself. I posted a testing comment to my Info Directory, and it showed up in my "Latest Posted" section.

Then I deleted it. ...Except it's still there. Clicking the timestamp, or "5 minutes ago" in the image above, gets me this:

"But Akai!" You might say. "What if the comment has to be in a community?"

Well then, I did this too:

"But Akai!" You might say. "What if it has to be in the RP Anon Comm to be gone?"

To that, I would say this:

Direct Link. As of now it's been 23 hours since the original test on Edward's journal, 3 hours since my community test, and 1 hour since the anon comm test, as you can see here. Masa did a test on his journal as well, with the same results. I will continue to check, but it seems unlikely to have a set amount of time till deletion, especially since the supposed comment was gone from Naomi's comment record within 12 hours of the comment being posted to the anon comm.

"But Akai! You might say. "What if that comment record can be tampered with!?"


Well, that is actually a decent question to ask, because I honestly don't know. I have, however, contacted Livejournal asking for confirmation yea or nay, and will report back with the results. Right now, however, seeing the evidence firsthand, I'm confident to say that the supposed misfire was either Photoshop or magic. And until I hear back from LJ Support, I will consider the matter closed, as far as Naomi is concerned.

About That Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

With that out of the way, I'd like to take a moment to discuss the issue of the RP Anon Comm itself. Or perhaps not discuss. Plead with.

Roleplayers of Luceti (or anywhere else, if you're not local): For the love of god, stop commenting when wank happens. Even if you're trying to help someone, even if you're trying to argue against a rude or inflammatory remark, stop. You're not helping. What you're doing is stimulating the argument, prolonging the issue, and, of course, feeding the troll. By doing so you make the issue bigger; by making it bigger you draw more attention to it. By drawing more attention to it, you ensure that it won't go away.

So stop. Really, stop. Go RP or do something productive. Let the wank sit and stew and ultimately go away.

Better yet, don't even look at the Anon Comm. Your RP experience will be infinitely better if you cut it out of your life entirely.

And that would be all I have to say. I'm leaving this open for comments, which can be anon or logged in, though all comments will be screened until I check for appropriateness. If you want your comment to stay screened, please CLEARLY say so in the comment or subject line. And keep in mind that I can't reply to screened comments without unscreening them.
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