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Where Furniture Meets Fontech

The Northern Fox

Complete with six fully functional arms
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Known as: Akai, the Evil Overlord, she with the six fully-functional arms.

I'm a net-junkie with way too much free time; I tend to waste it doing counter-productive things like devouring video games and scribbling out things in Notepad or a sketchbook, depending on my mood. Avid fan of selective anime, though rather out of touch with most fandoms. Most of my time is wasted with maintaining and playing at luceti, my main stomping grounds.

Currently in the business accounting industry, and doing my best to ignore real life once in a while to post here. I can be perfectly intelligent and coherent if I feel like it - I just don't feel like it half the time. My journal is full of memes, roleplay blathering, and complete randomness.

Current biggest obsession: Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy VII, and Fullmetal Alchemist.


Guy/Asch/Guy is not that impossible love